Helping you find the best property at the best price

Whether you are investing in real estate for future gain, to provide a monthly income or because of the tax advantages, there has never been a better time to invest than now. And there has never been a better market to invest in. Here are two good reasons why:

  1. There are far more buyers than sellers so you can be confident of financial gains when you sell.
  2. The rental market is strong—demand is high because there is a low supply of units available. Rental prices have risen sharply over the past decade, something that is almost sure to continue.

What Steve can do for you

Steve knows this market—he knows buyers and he knows sellers. He can make sure your offer stands out from competing offers—multiple offers are now the norm—and he can tell you what you need to know to turn a good investment into a great investment.

Steve’s best advice

If you are serious about investing in commercial or investment properties, make sure your finances are in order. Being pre-qualified will give you a competitive edge and will allow you to move quickly, something that is critical to your success. (If you need a lender, Steve can refer one to you—it’s important to find the right lender for the kind of property you want to purchase).

What you need to do

If you see a property that interests you, contact Steve right away. You may want to conduct a building inspection in advance of the bid. You need as much time as you can get to do that, so acting quickly is vital. Having an inspection done first puts you in the driver’s seat. It allows you to move fast and puts you ahead of a competing offer that is conditional on inspection, since offers with lots of conditions are less attractive to the seller.

If you are simply looking for a property, contact Steve to discuss your needs and how best to meet them.