Helping you maximize your property’s value

If you want to sell a commercial or investment property, you’ve come to the right place. Steve’s goal is simple: to help you maximize the property’s value so you get the best possible price. Steve does that by ensuring you show your property properly and make it as attractive as possible for potential buyers.

Over the past number of years, Steve has developed a six-step process that not only helps you achieve that, but also makes it as easy as possible for you.

Step 1 — Steve will meet with you at the property you are selling to get an overview of your property—inside and out. That way, he can give you advice on what you might do to improve its attractiveness and, more importantly, increase the money you get for it. Steve will also advise you about issues that may have a negative effect on its sale and what you might do to mitigate them.

Step 2 — The research begins. Using every tool at his disposal, Steve then looks at similar properties, including active and expired listings as well as those properties that are being or have been sold. Unlike many agents, Steve gives you a written analysis using charts, tables and other graphic elements to document the details of the property.

Step 3 — Steve meets with you again, usually at your home or his office, to go over the report and together establish an asking price.

Step 4 — Up until now, all the work has been done at no cost. At this point, Steve will discuss his fee structure, once the property sells.

Step 5 — With a property now in hand that is ready to be sold, Steve will explain the sale process. For example, he will discuss topics such as the following:

  • the procedure for giving notice to tenants (if that’s required)
  • how buyers’ agents will get access to the keys
  • placement of exterior signs and lock box
  • the procedure for presenting offers
  • what happens at offer time
  • the process for reviewing multiple offers

Step 6 — This happens after a property is sold, even if the sale is conditional. At this point, Steve will talk about next steps, what happens between the time the sale is firm and the closing date, and how the actual closing will take place.

Our experience tells us that after this final step, you will look back and be pleased not only with the process and the service, but also at how exciting and financially rewarding investing in real estate can be.

If you want to maximize the value of the property you want to sell, contact Steve today by email or by calling 613-596-4133.