Create a Healthy Landlord–Tenant Rental Relationship

It’s very important to know your rights and your tenants’ rights—don’t infringe on their rights. Make sure you understand all of your obligations as a landlord. For example, always give proper notice.

Save this link to your browser. Here, you’ll find all the legal forms you’ll need when dealing with the landlord–tenant relationship and related issues.

I have also created some customized forms that I share with my clients. These documents address a number of key issues that many legal forms do not cover, such as pets, standards and procedures for garbage and recycling, care of the unit, painting, batteries for smoke detectors, noise, clutter, parking and guests.

Income Property Landlord–Tenant Relationship Tip:

You don’t need to be their friend, but you do need to maintain a good working relationship with your tenants.

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